The JRC is looking for three scientific/technical project officers to work with the Healthcare Quality group assisting the activities in the area of cancer. The successful candidate will support the activities that comprise support for the execution of the guideline development and quality… more
The ENCR Steering Committee endorsed the new recommendation on coding incidence date, concluding the work initiated by the Working group. English, Spanish and French versions are available. More information.  
The ENCR working group on urothelial tumours has completed its work and proposes a new set of recommendations that are now in the consultation phase to the registries. more
A new section on childhood tumours in the European Cancer Information System (ECIS) was launched, with indicators on the extent and types of cancers affecting children (aged 0-19) in Europe.… more
In addition to the Quality Check Software version 2.0 released in November 2021, the new Quality Check Software Kit now includes the CVS Data Layout Converter (QCS Buddy 1.0) created in order to assist users (with Windows operating systems) in the creation of incidence files to be checked with the… more