ENCR-JRC Project: Incidence and Mortality in Europe

The ENCR-JRC project on cancer incidence and mortality in Europe was initiated by the ENCR Steering Committee and JRC to set up a standardised and comparable database for monitoring cancer incidence and mortality in the European Union and to provide regular information on the burden of cancer in Europe. The project was launched in 2015, through a call for data, in which Cancer Registries were required to submit through the ENCR-JRC Portal the following files:
- Incidence data, as a list of individual cancer cases;
- Population data, from the official estimates;
- Mortality data, from official vital statistics.

Participation of the European Cancer Registries

Number of Cancer Registries applying to the ENCR-JRC data call and to the ENCR-JRC project

Geographic distribution of the general Cancer Registries (all cancer sites and all ages) that have submitted data to the ENCR-JRC project, as part of the 2015 call for data:

Orange: Cancer Registries participating in the ENCR-JRC Project
Green: Cancer Registries not yet participating in the ENCR-JRC Project

Outputs of the project

The outputs of the ENCR-JRC Project include incidence and mortality indicators at registry level by cancer site, sex, age group, calendar period and geographic area.
Data are aggregated in maps, table and charts, for absolute numbers and rates (crude, age-specific and age-standardised).
Results from the project have been included into the European Cancer Information System (ECIS).

Permission for use of data

Cancer Registries willing to contribute data to the ENCR-JRC call need to provide permission for this protocol when submitting data, by selecting the specific project box in the Portal.

Required data files

Cancer Registries are required to submit their data files through the ENCR-JRC Portal (https://portal-encr.jrc.ec.europa.eu/). The following information should be submitted:
- Incidence data as a list of individual cancer cases
- Population data from the official estimates
- Mortality data from official vital statistics

The description, format, and type of data files and the corresponding variables are detailed in the '2015 ENCR-JRC call for data' protocol, available here.
Following submission of data, a request will be sent to the Cancer Registry to complete a questionnaire about the rules, codes, and procedures followed by the Cancer Registry. The answers to this questionnaire will provide invaluable support to researchers in interpreting and best utilising the Cancer Registry data.

Protocol of the project

The protocol of the project is available here.