Training on Data Coding, Copenhagen, 25 Sep 2018

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The training on data coding, was organised jointly by the ENCR Steering Committee and the European Commission Joint Research Centre. The aim was to improve comparability and harmonisation, particularly on coding topography/morphology and stage.



Introduction to coding systems: a short outline of systems for coding topography, morphology, behaviour and grade – ICD-O and ICD10. Use of ICD-O on line Nadya Dimitrova
Coding sarcomas, brain tumours, neuro-endocrine tumours and haematological malignancies – specific issues Otto Visser
Coding stage – main principles and selected sites Elizabeth Van Eycken


Using JRC-ENCR Quality Check Software: checking topography, morphology, behaviour and grade codes Carmen Martos
Coding exercises on topography and morphology: Otto Visser

Coding exercises on staging:

Elizabeth Van Eycken