Published: 10 July 2013
The transfer of the Secretariat represents a major milestone and opens the door towards the coordination and harmonisation of cancer data in Europe. Now, the JRC will immediately start tackling priority issues such as publishing data on the cancer burden in Europe, organising events to improve and… more
Published: 10 June 2013
Cancer data for 2012 is now available on the new European Cancer Observatory (ECO) web site: The ECO website provides users with easy access to data regarding the incidence, prevalence, survival, and mortality rates of cancers throughout… more
Published: 11 February 2013
Dr. Timo Hakulinen is a leading Finnish cancer epidemiologist and is internationally recognised for his work. He has more than 250 peer-reviewed publications, as well as numerous other scientific works. His primary area of research has been the development of statistical methods, population-based… more
Published: 16 December 2012
The Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR), Queen's University Belfast, with licence from Springer Healthcare, LLC, has developed a Microsoft Access-based Staging Tool. The tool calculates TNM and other site-specific cancer staging classifications from the basic features of the patient's disease… more
Published: 18 October 2012
The European Commission proposed a comprehensive reform of the EU's 1995 data protection rules to strengthen online privacy rights. Whereas an update is much needed in this field, the reform will have a direct impact on cancer research. As data protection and ethical conduct of research is part of… more
Published: 21 November 2011
Next ENCR Steering Committee meeting will be held on 22-23 November 2011 in Brussels. Any last minute suggestion for the Agenda should be sent to
Published: 07 April 2011
The Finnish Cancer Registry will be hosting the 2011 ANCR Annual in Åland (Finland) on
Published: 07 February 2011
In this course, all main rare solid cancers of the adult will be dealt with by clinical experts. The course will also deal with the specific problems present in rare cancers. The course may be of interest to oncologists, epidemiologists and health administrators. For more information please refer… more
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