ENCR Recommendations

Marked differences in practice exist between cancer registries, for example, with respect to data sources, definitions and processing methods.
To make cancer registry data comparable, which is one of the main aims of the Network, it is important that common rules and definitions are used.

Basis of Diagnosis

Published 2022


Cancer cases in migrant population

Published 2022

Recording and Reporting of Urothelial Tumours

Published 2022


Incidence Date

Published 2022
Previous versions 1995, 1997

The Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines The ENCR Steering Committee endorses and encourages the active use of the published Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines by Cancer Registries. Read more.

Published 2016

Quality check harmonization

Published 2014

Haematological cancers

Published 2014

Data protection EUROCOURSE-ENCR

Published 2012
Previous version 2011

Standard dataset

Published 2005

Multiple Primaries

Published 2004
Previous versions 1995, 2000

Bladder Tumours (replaced by Recommendation Urothelial tumours, 2022)

Published 1995

Tumours of the Brain and Central Nervous System

Published 1998

Basis of Diagnosis

Published 1999

Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

Published 2000

Method of Detection in Relation to Screening

Published 2001

Confidentiality in Cancer registration

Published 2002

Condensed TNM for Coding the Extent of Disease

Published 2002

Structured Registry Review