Job vacancy at the JRC: Guideline activities on cancer screening

CA FGIV - Project Officer – Guideline activities on cancer screening

The current vacancies are in Unit JRC.F1 Disease Prevention. Within its Directorate for Health and Food, the Disease Prevention Unit supports EU policies in public health for promoting excellence and equality of health-care in all Member States.
The European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG Sante), together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC), have established the European Commission Initiatives on Breast, Colorectal* and Cervical Cancer and are in the process of putting in place the
European Commission initiatives on gastric, lung and prostate cancer, subject to this vacancy notice.
The Unit is looking for two scientific/technical project officers assisting the activities in the area of cancer, in particular to collaborate on the development of guidelines for cancer screening, diagnosis and associated activities.
The jobholders will support the healthcare quality activities and in particular, steer and/or collaborate on the development of evidence-based guideline and associated indicators, defined either internally or externally by collaborating entities, for primary prevention screening and diagnosis regarding gastric, lung and/or prostate cancer.
The position is at the EC JRC site in Geel, Belgium. More information can be found here.
To apply, follow this link.
Deadline: 22 May 2023