Vacancy position as Head of Research and Analysis / Senior Lecturer, UCCThis is a permanent and senior role within the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI).Deadline for applications: 19th February 2024.For more information, please consult the… more
The ENCR has a newly appointed Steering Committee for the period 2024-2026.The handover took place on the occasion of the 78th ENCR SC meeting, on 1 February 2024.
The report about European Cancer Registries was compiled by Dr. Vesna Zadnik, Slovenian Cancer Registry - as European representative in the IACR board after surveying the individual European cancer registries, as well as national and regional networks in Europe about their activities over the past… more
A new update of the Quality Check Software Kit is available for download. It includes the new QCS 2.1.1 and the latest version of the CVS Data Layout Converter, the tool used to check the compatibility of the incidence file format with the QCS… more
This workshop described a range of options for presenting survival-based metrics from population-based data. It included metrics that are useful for reporting the impact of cancer on patient survival and approaches for making fair comparison across population groups (including international… more
The ENCR Scientific conference 2023 was organized in partnership with the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) and the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP), in Granada, Spain.
The "ENCR Recommendations on Recording and reporting of urothelial tumours of the urinary tract” was recently endorsed. In a webinar the new recommendation will be explained and there will be the possibility to ask questions about the recommendation. Date and time: 19 April 2023, 10:00-12:00… more
Objectives Important information Presentation OBJECTIVES In the past months the ENCR recommendations on the coding of the incidence date and the basis of diagnosis were updated.
The International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) launched the 2022 Virtual Scientific Conference. Save these dates: 8-10 November 2022. More information is available here.  
Agenda Presentations The course was organised by the Cluj Regional Cancer Registry with the support from the EC Joint Research Centre and the ENCR Steering Committee. It provided basic knowledge on methods for data collection, coding,… more
  The course had around 80 participants attending from 26 countries. The presentation from the course is available… more
School offers introductory and advanced courses in medical statistics and epidemiology, and their application to clinical and etiology research and public health. It is meant to provide researchers, physicians, and health professionals with insight into available analytical tools for planning… more
The training was organised by the JRC, ENCR, IARC and the Slovenian Cancer Registry. JRC and ENCR were responsible for the training on 21-22 Nov, the agenda is available here. PRESENTATIONS Session Title Presenter Session 1… more
This 14th annual short course will take place at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The faculty will include internationally renowned experts in the field of cancer survival analysis and methods, and 20 researchers in the Cancer Survival Group. The main topics include… more
A Workshop on Data Protection was organised on 26th September 2018. The aim was to explore the impact on the daily activities of EU cancer registries of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to offer guidance to participants on the actions needed to comply with it. The… more
The report of the Workshop is now available at this link! The workshop took place on 24 November 2014, at JRC, Ispra. The technical proposals made during the workshop have helped the ENCR-SC to prioritize the future… more
In coordination with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the ENCR organised the third workshop on data quality checks. Three workshops were organised: a… more
22-23 January 2014, Ispra (Italy) JRC hosted the EPAAC WP9 Satellite Meeting "State of Art of Methods for the Analysis of Population-Based Cancer Data". Statistical methods for descriptive analysis of population-based cancer data have considerably progressed, also due to the increasing… more
The International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) launched the 2021 Virtual Scientific Conference. Save these dates: 12-14 October 2021. More information is available here
Given the current uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, all the ENCR events during 2021 will be organised as virtual events. Several trainings will be delivered during the first half of the year while the Scientific Conference will be organised during the second half of the year. More… more
In the face of the evolving pandemic, the 2020 Scientific Conference, IACR (International Association of Cancer Registries) in  Noumea, New Caledonia will not go ahead. More information is available… more
The IACR (International Association of Cancer Registries) and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) organise a combined conference of NAACCR and IACR. The conference will take place 9–13 June  2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Registration is now open.… more
The Group for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration in Latin Language Countries - GRELL, established in 1976, promotes epidemiological cancer research, mainly through the registration of cases in geographically defined populations. GRELL is organising the 2019 edition of its Ascension annual meeting… more