The 2022 cancer incidence and mortality estimates for EU-27 and European countries have been published in the European Cancer Information System (ECIS) at… more
The ENCR working group on treatment data harmonisation has completed its work and proposes a new set of recommendations that are now in the consultation phase to the registries.… more
Breast Cancer Now has funded a survey to study how COVID-19 has affected breast cancer services for anyone who has received a breast cancer diagnosis (not just women) and facilitate the patient voice in relation to the impact of COVID-19. Access the… more
VACANCY NOTICE – 2023-IPR-F1-FGIV-023096FG IV - Scientific Project Officer - Epidemiologist with oncological background The Disease Prevention Unit is looking for an epidemiologist with oncological background, to provide scientific and technical support to the European Cancer Information System (… more
VACANCY NOTICE – 2023-IPR-F1-FGIV-023016FG IV - Scientific Project Officer – Public health data analyst The current vacancy is with the Disease Prevention Unit of the Directorate for Health and Food, supporting EU policies in public health for promoting excellence and equality of healthcare in all… more
The course is organised as a deliverable of the iPAAC Joint Action on Cancer, Work Package 7, Task 7.6, in collaboration with the EC Joint Research Centre and the ENCR Steering Committee.
The course is organised by the Cluj Regional Cancer Registry with the support from the EC Joint Research Centre and the ENCR Steering Committee. It will provide basic knowledge on methods for data collection, coding, processing and analysis of data, with a section dedicated to childhood cancer… more
The online course was organised as a collaboration between the EC Joint Research Centre and the ENCR Steering Committee.
The International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) launched the 2021 Virtual Scientific Conference. Save these dates: 12-14 October 2021. More information is available here
Given the current uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, all the ENCR events during 2021 will be organised as virtual events. Several trainings will be delivered during the first half of the year while the Scientific Conference will be organised during the second half of the year. More… more
IARC, Lyon (France), 25 to 29 November 2013 The Paediatric Oncology for Cancer Registries is a unique course, organized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in the framework of the European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents (ENCCA), a Network of… more
Izmir (Turkey), 30 September to 4 October 2013 The aim of the training is to provide cancer registries staff with an understanding of good practices and procedures to establish/improve their registries and harmonise their process for collection of cancer data. This will facilitate inter-… more
Training of registry staff helps to increase the quality and comparability of cancer registry data - one of the aims of the ENCR. In order to maintain a standard course content, a core curriculum has been established, based on a collection of previously-used teaching materials. In addition,… more
JRC and ENCR organised on 3-4 May 2017 a training event on Cancer Data Collection and Comparability with one day devoted to issues related to data collection, and the second day to quality aspects of data analysis. A specific session on childhood cancer registration was included. The course was… more
A Training Workshop on Quality of Cancer Registry Data took place on 5 October 2016, as a side event to the Scientific Meeting and General Assembly. About 50 participants attended the workshop which covered the process of data quality evaluation, methods for assessing the completeness of data,… more