VACANCY NOTICE – 2023-GEE-F1-FGIV-022917CA FGIV - Project Officer – Quality assurance activities on cancer The current vacancies are in Unit JRC.F1 Disease Prevention. Within its Directorate for Health and Food, the Disease Prevention Unit supports EU policies in public health for promoting… more
The Fondo Elena Moroni for Oncology announces  that the contest for The Enrico Anglesio Prize 2023 and Satellite Prizes Elvo Tempia and Sharon Whelan will open soon. The 2023 edition of the Prize will be in conjunction with the ENCR-IACR 2023 Scientific Conference on 14-16 November, in Granada,… more
A new report was recently published by the EC Joint Research Centre in collaboration with the ENCR Steering Committee on Common Data Quality Check procedure for European Cancer Registries. The checks included in this report are implemented in the validation of the data submitted by European Cancer… more
Population-based overall survival rates for childhood cancer vary across geographical regions within and outside Europe; this variation could be at least partly explained by differences in tumour stage at diagnosis. The International Benchmarking of Childhood Cancer Survival by Stage, also called… more
The stage at diagnosis is one of the most important predictors for cancer survival. TNM stage is constructed from T (tumor size), N (nodal spread), and M (distant metastasis) components. In many notifications to cancer registries, TNM information is incomplete with unknown N and/or M. We aimed to… more
The training was organised by the JRC, ENCR, IARC and the Slovenian Cancer Registry. JRC and ENCR were responsible for the training on 21-22 Nov, the agenda is available here.
The IACR (International Association of Cancer Registries) and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) organise a combined conference of NAACCR and IACR. The conference will take place 9–13 June  2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Registration is now open.… more
JRC and ENCR organised on 5-6 June 2019 a training on Cancer Registry Data Coding at the JRC, Ispra, Italy. The agenda is available here.
The Group for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration in Latin Language Countries - GRELL, established in 1976, promotes epidemiological cancer research, mainly through the registration of cases in geographically defined populations. GRELL is organising the 2019 edition of its Ascension annual meeting… more