Call for data

Regular data calls to the ENCR cancer registries are necessary in order to update the cancer data available in the European Cancer Information System (ECIS).

2022 Data Call

In preparation to the new call, the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) has made transparent the procedures regulating data collection and processing, and described related data protection safeguards. Purpose and conditions of all processing operations are accessible to any interested person in a data protection record.
As detailed in the record, in view of this and future data calls a data transfer agreement needs to be in place between the JRC and the ENCR registries in order to properly document the data transfer and ensure compliance with the principle of accountability. The text of the Collaboration Agreement is now finalised and currently undergoing signature from the JRC. In the next days, the JRC-signed document will beĀ sent to the ENCR registries for their individual signature.
In the meantime, also the data call protocol has been finalised: please find the final version (March 2022) here.

2015 Data Call

The ENCR and the JRC have organised the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data intended for all the European Cancer Registries in order to build a unique anonymised database of cancer data. A dedicated data submission portal was developed for Cancer Registries. More information on the 2015 Data Call and the ENCR-JRC project are available here.