Third Workshop on "Quality checks for analysing cancer registry data: development for one common procedure"

In coordination with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the ENCR organised the third workshop on data quality checks.

Three workshops were organised: a first workshop on 2 July 2013, a second workshop on 15 October 2013, and a third workshop on 4 June 2014 (documentation coming soon). The workshops entitled Quality Checks for analysing cancer registry data: development of one common procedure convened representatives from EUROCARE, IARC, CONCORD, ENCR Steering Committee members plus selected group of experts. The aim of the workshops was to discuss working towards harmonising the process of quality checks of cancer registry data as the basis for development of a web-based tool and to identify the practical steps that can be taken to achieve this aim. The discussion focussed on a review of quality check procedures which are currently in use, the type and format of variables which are currently being collected, as well as a comparison of quality check procedures related to internal consistency.

Key Outcomes:
  1. Feedbacks from Cancer Registries are still wellcome!
  2. Conclusions and updated report will be discussed in a dedicated session at the ENCR Scientific Meeting on 12-14 November 2014.