ENCR Workshop on Data Protection, Copenhagen, 26 Sep 2018


A Workshop on Data Protection was organised on 26th September 2018.
The aim was to explore the impact on the daily activities of EU cancer registries of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to offer guidance to participants on the actions needed to comply with it. The new GDPR as well as general principles about data protection for cancer registries were presented.

The results of a survey on how the new GDPR is applied in different Member States for cancer registries were reported. In June 2018 the survey was sent to 164 directors of cancer registries from EU. The response rate was 28%.

Group discussions included:

  • the basic principles of data protection,
  • roles and duties in applying the GDPR,
  • security measures at cancer registry level,
  • differences regarding the implementation of the GDPR and awareness of responsibilities,
  • description of the processes involved.

Best practices on measures implemented by some cancer registries to comply with the GDPR were shared.

The JRC's Data Protection Officer was present, participants were very much engaged in the topic and also had the opportunity to exchange and compare their practices with other colleagues from different Member States.

Next steps: ENCR – JRC will organise a second survey on impact of the new GDPR on cancer registries daily activity. The results from the surveys and the workshop will constitute a base of a "manual" with guidance on the minimum actions and documentation needed to be implemented by the cancer registries in order to comply with the GDPR.


The new data protection regulation Premysl Spicar
The basic principles of data protection Hans Storm
Results from the survey to cancer registries Luciana Neamtiu