Training on Quality of Cancer Registry Data, Baveno, 5 Oct 2016

A Training Workshop on Quality of Cancer Registry Data took place on 5 October 2016, as a side event to the Scientific Meeting and General Assembly. About 50 participants attended the workshop which covered the process of data quality evaluation, methods for assessing the completeness of data, use of the JRC-ENCR Quality Check software and reading outputs. The JRC provided feedback on the ENCR-JRC project and the further processing and feedback that will be sent to the registries.

For further details, see below the presentations given at the training.

Speaker Presentation
Nadya Dimitrova The Process of Cancer Registry Data Quality Evaluation
Carlotta Buzzoni The Completeness of Cancer Registry Data
Carmen Martos Data Harmonization and Quality Checks
Francesco Giusti Development of the JRC-ENCR Quality Check Software
Emanuele Crocetti Feedback to Cancer Registries on the quality assessment of data submitted to the ENCR-JRC project

Download here the test dataset used at the training to illustrate the use of the JRC-ENCR Quality Check Software (QCS). More information on the QCS can be found here.