Published: 21 January 2019
New rules for the election of ENCR Steering Committee members have been approved at the 69th ENCR Steering Committee meeting on 17 January 2019. These rules will be applied at the next elections, in 2021. See more information here.
Published: 22 October 2018
Luc Raymond passed away in Geneva on October 14.   A statistician close to his forties, in 1972 Dr Raymond established the Geneva Cancer Registry, of which he was in charge until his retirement in 2001. The Geneva Registry was the first in its country and among the first in Southern Europe.   Since… more
Published: 10 October 2018
The 67th ENCR Steering Committee meeting took place on 7 June 2018.  A summary of the minutes is available here.
Published: 05 October 2018
  The technical report describes the ECIS web-application, released in February 2018. - Description and framework of the European Cancer Information System and the ECIS web application - Getting started with the ECIS web application - Description of the projects and studies included in the ECIS… more
Published: 22 June 2018
The 66th ENCR Steering Committee meeting took place on 7 March 2018. A summary of the minutes is available here.
Published: 06 July 2016
31 August- 2 September, London, UK
Published: 27 June 2016
27-30 January 2017, the Netherlands From evidence to practice in multidisciplinary cancer care: a multidisciplinary conference which will focus on recent innovations and how these can be integrated into patient care; previous innovations and how these worked in the real world; prioritising and… more
Published: 08 June 2016
9 - 12 November 2016, Austria, Vienna The EUPHA Conference aims to contribute to the improvement of public health in Europe by offering a means for exchanging information and a platform for debate to researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the field of public health and health services… more
Published: 06 June 2016
21- 23 November 2016, Dubai, UAE This conference is designed for international medical and health professionals and oncologists to facilitate the dissemination and application of research findings related to Cancer. The conference invites participants from all leading universities, clinical… more
Published: 06 June 2016
19-21 October 2016, Marrakech, Morocco This annual Conference of the International Association of Cancer Registries will be hosted by the Casablanca Cancer Registry and the Princess Lalla Salma Foundation. Abstract submission and registration for the conference has been extended to 1 July 2016.… more
Published: 24 November 2017
To promote the use of the EUROCIM software, ENCR organizes courses based on the statistical analysis facilities of this package. The Eurocim course covers the following topics: Retrieval of incidence and mortality data stored in EUROCIM, Statistical background for analysis of descriptive data… more
Published: 24 November 2017
The third edition of ICD-O was published in 2000. A series of coding courses has been arranged by ENCR for trainers of cancer registry personnel. The main topics covered are: Overview of changes ICD-O-2 to ICD-O-3 Differences between ICD-O-3 and ICD-10 Content and structure of the manual ICD… more
Published: 24 November 2017
It is important to ensure that standard methods of analysis and appropriate presentations are used in cancer registry reports and research. Some registries have a distinguished history of use of their data in health services and epidemiological research. For others, there may be a need to enhance… more
Published: 24 November 2017
JRC and ENCR organised on 3-4 May 2017 a training on Cancer Data Collection and Comparability with one day devoted to issues related to data collection, and the second day to quality aspects of data analysis. A specific session on childhood cancer registration was included. Basic principle… more
Published: 24 November 2017
IARC, Lyon (France), 25 to 29 November 2013 The Paediatric Oncology for Cancer Registries is a unique course, organized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in the framework of the European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents (ENCCA), a Network of… more
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Published: 19 September 2012
More information, including meeting presentations, is available here
Published: 19 June 2012
Visit their website to find out more:
Published: 14 June 2012
More details can be found on their website:
Published: 23 November 2011
The EUROCOURSE Summit on 'Cancer Registries for better cancer control in the EU: Unity and diversity in reporting risk and outcome' was be held on 23-24 November 2011 in Brussels. The Agenda and other information about the event may be consulted on www.… more
Published: 15 June 2011
ENCR presented five presentations which can be downloadeded on the conference website: UKACR NCIN