Workshop: IT tools and novel AI approaches for cancer registration, 13 Nov 2023

Cancer registries are currently facing challenges related to the implementation of increasingly advanced IT tools for data collection and analysis. These activities require significant financial investment and are not equally accessible to all countries. The aim of the workshop is to present experiences in developing applications and tools used in registries, particularly in the context of software coding principles according to ICD and guidelines published by ENCR and IACR.

The workshop will also showcase selected projects where tools utilizing AI are being developed to assist with coding, data extraction from patients' medical records (including treatment data), and data analysis.

Key topics:

  • Software, Applications, and IT Tools for Data Collection and Quality Assurance in Cancer Registries.
  • AI-Supported Solutions for Cancer Registries – Is It the Future of Data Collection and Analyses?

Registration is possible at the ENCR-IACR 2023 Scientific Conference registration page.