ENCR Newsflash Oct 2022

Welcome to the ENCR Newsflash - October 2022
This is the newsflash of the European Network of Cancer Registries, produced by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, hosting the ENCR Secretariat. The newsflash is issued 4-6 times a year, informing of the most recent developments and activities relevant for the European cancer registries.
Call for collaboration with EORTC on Horizon 2020 HTx project on head & neck cancer
Proton therapy is an innovative radiation technology aiming to reduce radiation-related side effects without compromising tumour control. As proton therapy is a resource-demanding treatment modality, it is crucial to identify patients who are most likely to benefit from proton therapy. In the Netherlands, patient selection is based on the probability of avoiding radiation-related side effects through applying the Normal Tissue Complication Models (NTCP). It is of great scientific and public health interests to investigate whether these models can be generalized to other countries and whether the ‘model-based’ approach of patient selection would benefit the society through health economic analysis. To assess the external validity of NTCP models, it is crucial to obtain data from other European countries.


This call aims to invite ENCR-members to join forces in this project. An information webinar will take place on Nov 2, 10:00 – 12:00, CET.

Collaboration agreement ENCR - JRC
66 cancer registries have signed the collaboration agreement (CA) and as a result Annex I, containing the list of registries part of the agreement, has been updated. Other cancer registries may still access the CA by signing the document circulated in previous communications. Please contact the ENCR Secretariat should you need any clarification.
Basis of diagnosis - endorsed
The ENCR Steering Committee endorsed the new recommendation on basis of diagnosis, concluding the work initiated by the dedicated working group. The new recommendation is published in the website.

Date of incidence - German translation
The ENCR recommendation for coding date of incidence, recently endorsed by the ENCR Steering Committee, is now available also in German.
Webinar on Coding Incidence Date and Basis of Diagnosis
A webinar on the new ENCR recommendations of Basis of Diagnosis and Incidence date is planned for 30 November 2022, 10:00-12:00, Central European Time. The deadline for registration is Friday, 18 November.
Ask an expert
The Ask an Expert section is available on the ENCR website for those who wish to submit questions about difficult-to-code cancer cases. Questions submitted through a dedicated form will be answered by the appropriate expert. The most frequently asked questions about coding may be added in the future to a FAQ's list on the ENCR website.

ENCR e-learning modules are accredited and aim to facilitate the training of cancer registrars in coding topography, morphology and cancer stage, implementing the relevant international classifications.
80th ENCR SC meeting
The 80th ENCR Steering Committee meeting took place on 8 June 2022 by a successful videoconference. A summary of the minutes is available in the ENCR website.

81st ENCR SC meeting
The 81st ENCR Steering Committee meeting took place on 12 October 2022. A summary of the minutes will be available soon.

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