ENCR Members contact list

The European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR), established within the framework of the Europe Against Cancer Programme of the European Commission, has been in operation since 1990.


Director: Dr. Alain Monnereau


Institute: c/o Registro Tumori Toscano Website: www.registri-tumori.it


Director: Dr. Jaume Galceran Website: www.redecan.org
Ceuta Cancer Registry All ages registriesAll sites registriesPopulation: 81000
Director: Dr. Ana Isabel Rivas Perez


Director: Dr. Rolf Heusser Website: www.nicer.org


Antalya Cancer Registry All ages registriesAll sites registries
Director: Dr. Hülya Karakilinç


Romanian Childhood Cancer Registry Paediatric age registriesAll sites registriesPopulation: 20121641 (Year: 2011)
Director: Prof. Dr. Monica Dragomir Institute: Societatea Romana de Onco-Hematologie Pediatrica Address: 153 Ion I.C. Brătianu Street, Balotești, Ilfov County, Romania Website: www.srohp.ro