New Cancer Report in North-Western Region of Romania

Reports on incidence and mortality rates of different cancers had become a constant of the Cluj Regional Cancer Registry, since 2008. These reports are considered to be of great importance for oncologists, public health researchers and health services, organizations active in the field of health promotion, initiators of public health policies, as well as for the population. These publications aim to be permanently up-to-date data sources that are needed by all those involved in the fight against cancer.

In this edition of the Cancer Report information was included on the overall incidence of cancer in the North West Region, as well as the separate presentation for each county, describing the main types of cancer. Cancer mortality data are also presented for counties that provided this information. This edition of the Cancer Report wanted to be a corrective one, with the recalculation of all annual incidence rates after the first decade since the establishment of the Cluj Regional Cancer Registry.

We have highlighted the change in the incidence of incidents by re-analyzing the database after a period of time that has improved coverage, by analyzing delayed cases, thus completing and correcting the crude and standardized incidence rates by age, for the years already published in the previous editions.

As a premiere, in this new edition of the Cancer Report, based on 2008-2013 regional trends on incidence, we estimated the number of cancer cases by sex and primary sites, at national level. So far, data for Romania has been estimated and published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, Lyon, France) in the GLOBOCAN project, only based on national cancer records data from neighboring countries (Bulgaria, Slovakia).