Enrico Anglesio Prize 2021 Virtual

The Fondo Elena Moroni has announced that the Enrico Anglesio Prize (EAP) will be run in the same virtual format as in 2020. Similar to last year, the two satellite Prizes, the Elvo Tempia and the Sharon Whelan, respectively offered by the  Tempia Foundation and the IACR, will accompany the Enrico Anglesio main Prize.
The contest of the young researchers will be run in two steps, starting with the submission of a short written dissertation from which the Jury will select a unique shortlist for the three prizes. These finalists are expected to submit a short video presentation of their work which will be evaluated for the selection of the winner. The winners of the Main Prize and the Satellite Prizes will be  announced during an online Ceremony to be held the 14 of October.

The first deadline is on August 20.

More details about the rules, the procedures and the timetable of the EAP 2021 Virtual are available at the Fondo Elena Moroni website.