Dr Maciej Trojanowski

Greater Poland Cancer Registry, Poland

Motivation for standing for election

For more than a decade I have been involved in the process of cancer registration in Poland, working in the Greater Poland Cancer Registry (GPCR), which operates in Greater Poland Cancer Registry. My registry covers one of the most populous regions (3.5 million inhabitants) in Poland.
On my professional path I went through all the stages of working in the registry from the preparation of data from the paper documentation, by coding data in the electronic database (as the registry director I'm still coding data for one part of the voivodship), their verification, preparation of statistics on cancer epidemiology in Greater Poland and databases for research projects.
In addition to coordinating and supervising current GPCR activities, I put great emphasis on participation in international research projects, which provide an excellent opportunity for an external assessment of the GPCR database.
On my own or with the Polish National Cancer Registry Team I was responsible for preparation and error corrections in the databases for: JRC-ENCR call for data, Concord-2 and 3, EURECCA Breast Study Group, European HR Study (lung, colon, HERO-ESTRO Study, IICC-3, NARECHEM-BT (childhood cancers, brain tumors). Those datasets were prepared with great cooperation with clinicians.
Since 2020 I work on a project eKRN+ in the National Research Institute of Oncology that aims to develop a new platform for data collection for polish cancer registries both population based and new clinical registries (first for hematological malignancies) based on the automated data extraction from hospital information systems.
During my membership in the ENCR Steering Committee, I would like to focus on the following issues:
- Meaning of the cancer registry staff in the face of more digitalized data collection process.
- Staying relevant with the medicine's progress by collecting new information needed for population based epidemiological studies in oncology.
- Ensure the legal basis for the operation of the registers in the context of GDPR.

Short CV

2004 - 2009 Poznan University of Medical Sciences (MSc Public Health)
2007 - 2012 Registry coordinator in the Greater Poland Cancer Registry, Greater Poland Cancer Centre
2012 -   Director of the Greater Poland Cancer Registry, Greater Poland Cancer Centre
2015 -   2018 Specialization in Epidemiology
2017 - 2020 Co-opted member of the ENCR Steering Committee Expert in cancer registry functionalities, Polish National Cancer Registry, National Research Institute of Oncology