Dr Anna Gavin

N. Ireland Cancer Registry

Motivation for standing for election

I have experience of working in the past as a member and most recently as co-chair of the ENCR steering committee. There is an ongoing program of work supported by JRC and I would love to be involved again in the amazing work of harmonising data across Europe, encouraging improvements in cancer registration and the outputs from these large datasets to improve the services and outcomes for patients with cancer.

Short CV

A Graduate of Queen’s University Belfast Medical School and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Consultant in Public Health and Professor of cancer Surveillance and Intelligence Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast. Founding Director of the N. Ireland Cancer Registry which has unique population databases on premalignant disease (Barrett’s oesophagus, Prostate Specific Antigen, and Colorectal Polyps), Produced numerous reports on cancer incidence, survival and prevalence in N. Ireland and the island of Ireland, have been involved in approximately 200 peer reviewed publications (see www.qub.ac.uk/nicr) and facilitated with IARC the development of an automated cancer staging tool soon to be available updated, free to all cancer registries The Registry which I direct supports research in five main areas: 1. The epidemiology of cancer and cancer prevention, 2. The impact of cancer screening and early diagnosis of cancer, 3. Cancer survival and late diagnosis, 4. Health Services Research and Audit. 5. Patient reported outcomes I was the IARC nominated Cancer Registration expert for Program of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) mission to Oman Jan 2013 and facilitated Qatar establish a population based cancer registry. Currently I am a member of the Board and various module subgroups of the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership, a consortium over 3 continents studying international cancer survival. Past member of Executive Board of International Association of Cancer Registries 2013-2017, Past co-chair of the UK and Ireland Association of Cancer registries and active in Eurocare. I was previously an active member of Eurocourse a European Eranet project to enhance cancer registration and Eurochip a European project to enhance cancer indicators Currently co-chair ENCR steering group, previously member 2008-2014, I led an expert group producing guidance for cancer registries on registration of multiple haematology malignancies and transformations, http://www.sciencedmctcornscenceartcjJitSO959BQ4914CO1269. I also have experience in organizing scientific meetings and workshops.