Dr Alan Monnereau

Haematological Malignancies Registry of Gironde, France

Motivation for standing for election

During my past experiences in coordinating the French network of cancer registries and an international consortium on epidemiological research on lymphoma (InterLymph), I always tried to push forward our action in three directions: 1) the improvement of the quality of the data, 2) openness for large international projects initiatives and 3) the cross-fertilisation between cancer surveillance and cancer research. I tried to contribute as much as I could to European initiatives in terms of cancer registration in my field or by facilitating other contributors in France. By standing for the election, my goal is first to contribute to the excellent work done by the ENCR by harmonizing our data collection and improve our European information system on cancer surveillance but also to help to develop at this level more interactions between existing data-bases on health care, environment or more broadly all data resources that could be crosslinked with cancer registries data and that show the backbone role of this kind of epidemiological tool.

Short CV

Current position:
Vice-president of the French Network of Cancer Registries (FRANCIM) Head of Haematological Malignancies registry of Gironde Co-director and Research Scientist: Epidemiology of Cancer and Environment Exposure (EPICENE) – Bordeaux Population Health, INSERM UMR-S, Bordeaux.

2013 Authorization to supervise thesis; Field: Epidemiology, University of Bordeaux, France
2008 Ph.D.; Epidemiology, University of Paris XI, France
1998 M.D.; Field: Medicine, University of Bordeaux, France

Employment: 2015- present: Research Scientist - Epidemiology of Cancer and Environment Exposure (EPICENE) – Bordeaux Population Health, INSERM UMR-S, Bordeaux.
2008- 2015: Research Scientist – Environmental epidemiology of cancer team, Research Center in Epidemiology and Population Health (CESP), INSERM UMR-S 1018, Paris
2005- present: Teaching appointment in Bordeaux University courses in cancer epidemiology 2011-2012: Visiting Scientist in Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Stanford University CA
2002- present: Head of Medical Information and epidemiological surveillance unit, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Begonié Institute, Bordeaux

Experience and memberships:
2005- present: Expertise for surveillance of haematological malignancies for National Institute of surveillance
2006- 2015: Expertise for clinical research projects (National Cancer Institute, France)
2008- present: Steering committee of French network of cancer registries (President from 2015- 2020)
2008- present: Member of US NCI InterLymph consortium
2015- 2018: Elected member of the International Coordinating Committee of InterLymph consortium (chair 2018).

Fields of interest: for more than 15 years the focus of my epidemiologic research has been on haematological malignancies, including their surveillance, their behavioural and environmental risk factors or their outcome research. I have been leading or being involved in national and international projects on surveillance, prognostic and aetiology research studies (National estimations of incidence and survival, HAEMACARE, EUROCARE, CONCORD, HIGHCARE, ENCR, RARECARE, IARC, INTERLYMPH pooling projects.