Enrico Anglesio Prize 2020 Virtual, and satellite Special Prizes: The WINNERS

Card IACR - Fondo Elena Moroni

IACR congratulates the 2020 Enrico Anglesio Virtual Prize Awardees

Enrico Anglesio Virtual Prize 2020, offered by the Fondo Elena MoroniDiana R Withrow, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA, for her work, “Trends in non-malignant brain tumors incidence by source of diagnosis in USA, 2004-17 “

Elvo Tempia Special Prize, offered by the Fondazione Tempia: Christiane Rudolph, University of Lubeck, Germany, for her work, “Breast cancer survival in German-Danish border regions"

Sharon L Whelan Special Prize, offered by the Association of Cancer Registries (IACR)Dr Wilmer A Tarupi , UTE University, Quito, Ecuador, for his work, “Educational inequalities in gastric cancer incidence and mortality, Quito 1996-2015“

To view the details of the prizes please go to this page: https://www.fondoelenamoroni.org/en/the-prize/ and the recorded award ceremony here.

We thank everyone especially our young researcher - colleagues, who participated in this prize and our colleagues at the Enrico Anglesio Organizing Committee for the successful conduct of this first virtual edition.

The Enrico Anglesio Prize has been part of IACR's Annual Conference Programme since 2006.  For this year, it was organised as a virtual edition - candidates were invited to present a written work on cancer epidemiology / cancer registration , that, in normal times, they would have presumably presented orally at a GRELL or the IACR Scientific Conference, and then submitted for publication on a Journal.