World Medical Association (WMA) draft Declaration

The WMA have produced a draft declaration on ethical considerations regarding health databases and biobanks. This draft is intended for open consultation after acceptance by the Executive Committee for the WMA.  The document is available online.

Recent publications about European Cancer Registries

Articles dealing with Cancer Registries in Europe and published in the last three months period in peer review journals have been selected through PubMed-Medline search. Please find here the list.

ENCR-JRC Workshop on standards and trainings

The JRC is organizing on 24th of November an ENCR-JRC Workshop titled "Defining the road map towards revision of ENCR coding standards and training plan for cancer registries".
The workshop is targeted to selected experts from the cancer registry community, and will be organized as a brainstorming session to discuss and evaluate the priorities in terms of both recommendations (identifying the ones needing an update or new topics to be tackled) and training courses to be planned.
Prior to the meeting, a short questionnaire will be distributed among the workshop participants, aimed at gathering preliminary suggestions to activate discussion. The same questionnaire will be sent also to all the European cancer registries, and is offered you as an opportunity to express your registry needs and requests. Any incoming suggestion will be highly appreciated, and will be considered as proposal for discussion at the workshop. Outcome of the meeting will be a list of priorities to be addressed, that will constitute the basis for the ENCR steering committee to draft a roadmap for the revision of ENCR coding standards and a training plan for cancer registries.

The EUROCARE-5 study

All the articles linked to the EUROCARE-5 study published in the European Journal of Cancer Special issue are now available online.