NAACCR 2016 Annual Conference "Gateway to Cancer Discoveries"

11-17 June 2016, St. Louis-Missouri (USA)

The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries. Annual conference "Gateway to Cancer Discoveries". St Louis Missouri, USA. Abstract submission is now closed. More information is available HERE.

EJC - Special Issue on Cancer Registries

The European Journal of Cancer dedicated a special issue to European Cancer Registries, with nineteen articles divided under the topics: lessons learned through EUROCOURSE, aspects of population-based cancer registry methodology, and Surveillance matters. Please find here all the information. The papers may be downloaded free of charge until 1 January 2016.

The new ENCR-JRC software for quality checks: first release

A first beta version of the software for quality check is already available for download from the ENCR-JRC Portal.

In order to enable the Cancer Registries to perform quality checks on their own data and to test their adherence to the format required by the ENCR-JRC call for data, the JRC has developed a software respecting the rules codified in submission guidelines. This software represents a first step in the process of providing CR a user friendly data-checking and quality control tool, and aims to standardize the procedures to be followed by European CRs when submitting data in order to improve their quality and comparability.
The beta version of the software, based on the outcome of the ENCR-JRC Working Group on Cancer Data Quality Checks (participants included members of the ENCR Steering Committee, representatives from EUROCARE, IARC, CONCORD, and staff of JRC and DG SANTE), and respecting the guidelines for the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data, will include:
- checks on the files format (for incidence, mortality, population, and life tables)
- checks on the variable names
- checks on the variable order
- internal checks on the variables' content (format, range, etc.)

The software is intended for limited distribution to the ENCR-affiliated Registries only, and is already available for download from the ENCR-JRC Portal. A full version including all the cross-variables checks is expected by the end of the year.

We would appreciate and encourage your feedback!

2015 ENCR-JRC call for data: updates

We are pleased and proud to announce that data from 18 European countries and more than 70 Cancer Registries have been already submitted through the ENCR-JRC portal! We kindly remind you that the ENCR-JRC Call for Data is still open, centralizing the data acquisition procedures to serve the various European projects and studies data demands.
While the deadline for EUROCARE-6 (EUROCARE) already expired, please note that those for Cancer Incidence in Five Continents - Volume XI (IARC) and Incidence and Mortality in Europe (ENCR-JRC) are 1 November 2015. The data collection is still on-going! If you haven't submitted your data so far, we wait for your contribution!. More information is available at this link.