JRC Workshop on Pancreatic Cancer

5 October 2015, Madrid (Spain)

The Acknowledging the relevance and magnitude of pancreatic cancer among the European population, the JRC considers that collaboration between the EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform on Pancreatic Cancer (PancreOs) and European population-based cancer registries is essential to gain a better understanding and therefore improve the healthcare of patients diagnosed with this disease.
To this purpose, the JRC organized a one-day Workshop on 5 October at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid (Spain), involving the ENCR, the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN), the PancreOs team and JRC experts. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the feasibility of carrying out an exploratory pilot study in selected areas covered by population-based cancer registration in Spain. The results will be the base for extending the experience in other European countries.

Please find here the agenda of the workshop.
The conclusions of the workshop on pancreatic cancer will be presented at the 3rd EU Multi-stakeholder Platform on Pancreatic Cancer meeting, at the European Parliament Brussels (Belgium) on 10 November 2015.