Published: 24 November 2017

The third edition of ICD-O was published in 2000. A series of coding courses has been arranged by ENCR for trainers of cancer registry personnel.

The main topics covered are:

  • Overview of changes ICD-O-2 to ICD-O-3
  • Differences between ICD-O-3 and ICD-10
  • Content and structure of the manual
  • ICD-O-3 Coding Rules
  • Haematopoietic Diseases
  • Lymphomas and Leukaemias
  • Practical sessions
Edited by A. Fritz, C. Percy, A. Jack, K. Shanmugaratnam, L. Sobin, D.M. Parkin and S. Whelan
ICD-O-3 is now available at WHO at a price of US $72. Orders can be made to bookorders@who.int.
Past Courses on ICD-O-3
Location Course Language Attendance
Oslo, Norway, 15-16 September 2003 English 49
Stuttgart, Germany, 10-11 April 2003 English 26
Granada, Spain, 2-3 July 2002 English/Spanish 25
London, United Kingdom, 5-6 February 2002 English 27
Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-11 September 2001 English 19