Marked differences in practice exist between cancer registries, for example, with respect to data sources, definitions and processing methods.
To make cancer registry data comparable, which is one of the main aims of the Network, it is important that common rules and definitions are used.
The Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines The ENCR Steering Committee endorses and encourages the active Use of the published Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines by Cancer Registries. Read more.
Published in April 2016

Quality check harmonization ENCR, EUROCARE, IARC, CONCORD and selected experts
1st meeting: 2 July 2013 2nd meeting: 15 October 2013 3rd meeting: 4 June 2014
New recommendations on haematological cancers Dr Anna Gavin, Ireland Dr Rafael Marcos-Gragera, Spain Dr Richard Middleton, Ireland Dr Brian Rous, UK Dr Otto Visser, The Netherlands Dr Roberto Zanetti, Italy
26 Feb 2014
Data protection EUROCOURSE-ENCR
3 May 2011September 2012
Standard dataset
10 February 2005
Incidence DateDr Derek Pheby, UKDr Carmen Martínez, SpainDr Martine Roumagnac, FranceDr Leo Schouten, The Netherlands
Distributed in 1995Revised in 1997
Multiple PrimariesDr Paule-Marie Carli, FranceDr Isabel Izarzugaza, SpainDr Beata Koscianska, Poland
Distributed in 1995Revised in 2000Revised in 2004
Bladder TumoursDr Derek Pheby, UKDr Martine Sauvage, FranceDr Carmen Martínez, SpainDr Leo Schouten, The Netherlands
Distributed in 1995
Tumours of the Brain and Central Nervous SystemDr Derek Pheby, UK Dr M. Sant, Italy Dr J. Ironside, UK Prof. W.M. Molenaar, The Netherlands
Distributed in 1998
Leukaemias and LymphomasDr R. Otter, The Netherlands Dr A. Astudillo, Spain Professor P.M. Carli, France Dr A. Jack, UK Dr H. van Krieken, The Netherlands
Basis of DiagnosisDr J. Smith, UK Dr R. Frost, UK Dr L. Teppo, Finland Dr O. Visser, The Netherlands
Distributed in 1999
Non-Melanoma Skin CancersDr T. Davies, UK Mrs M. Page, UK Dr J.W. Coebergh, The Netherlands
Distributed in 2000
Method of Detection in Relation to ScreeningDr Leo Schouten, The Netherlands Dr Hannes Botha, UK Dr Eugenio Paci, Italy
Distributed in 2001
Confidentiality in Cancer registrationDr Hans Storm, Denmark Dr Eva Buiatti, Italy Dr Timo Hakulinen, Finland Dr Hartwig Ziegler, Germany
Distributed in 2002
Condensed TNM for Coding the Extent of DiseaseDr F. Berrino, Italy Dr C. Brown, UK Dr T. Möller, Sweden Dr L. Sobin, USA With: Dr J. Faivre, France
Distributed in 2002
Structured Registry ReviewDr David Brewster, UK Dr Willi Oberaigner, Austria Dr Eero Pukkala, Finland

Working Groups

Working Groups have been established to examine specific topics, identified as potentially problematic. These expert working groups are constituted of 3-4 people, selected by the ENCR Steering Committee.
Their task is to study the problem and make recommendations for the cancer registries.

Urothelial Carcinoma Working Group

The ENCR are looking for expressions of interest from member registries to join a new Working Group on Urothelial Cancers that will include both cancer registration and clinical representation. The aim of the group is to address difficulties registering urothelial cancers, which is typically a complex process that has resulted in differences in registriation practice across Europe. Addressing these difficulties will enable the ENCR to make recommendations that will allow more robust comparison of incidence and survival data between different registries and countries.