ENCR Cancer Factsheets - new series

A new series of factsheets published by the JRC and the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) provide a unique overview of the cancer disease burden in Europe. They collect, condense and communicate important Europe-wide data on the second most common cause of death in the European Union.
The new factsheets inform the reader about regional differences in incidence rates within Europe, on gender patterns and on trends over the last decades. Complete with a summary of screening and prevention methods and an overview of causes and risk factors, they contribute to harmonised and improved EU-wide information on cancer.
New factsheets covering different types of cancer are published on a monthly basis. They are produced and published by the JRC and the ENCR, based on data and figures collected and provided by cancer registries all over Europe.


Stomach Cancer in Europe, April 2017

Kidney Cancer in Europe, February 2017

Thyroid Cancer in Europe, January 2017

Bladder Cancer in Europe, November 2016

Pancreatic Cancer in EuropeOctober 2016

Cervical Cancer in Europe, March 2016

Melanoma in Europe, April 2015

Breast Cancer in Europe, September 2014

Lung Cancer in Europe, June 2014

Prostate Cancer in Europe, March 2014

Colorectal Cancer in Europe, December 2013



Archived Issues

Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma in  Europe, November 2003

Bladder Cancer in Europe, September 2003 

Breast Cancer in Europe, December 2002

Lung Cancer in Europe, March 2002