ENCR Steering Committee Elections, Autumn 2017

Currently there are five vacancies on the ENCR Steering Committee.
The CVs of the candidates, listed in alphabetic order, can be consulted below.

CVs of candidates

 Michael Eden photo

Michael Eden
National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service

 Anna Gavin Anna Gavin
N. Ireland Cancer Registry
Northern Ireland
 Bernd Holleczek photo Bernd Holleczek
Saarland Cancer Registry
 Maria Jose Sanchez photo María José Sánchez
Granada Cancer Registry
 Mario Sekerija photo Mario Šekerija
Croatian National Cancer Registry
 Fabrizzio Stracci photo Fabrizio Stracci
Perugia Cancer Registry
 Maciej Trojanowski photo

Maciej Trojanowski
Greater Poland Cancer Registry

 Otto Visser photo

Otto Visser
Netherlands Cancer Registry
The Netherlands

ENCR Steering Committee elections

The elections will take place between 1 and 30 September 2017. The five candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected as members of the ENCR Steering Committee.

Eligibility criteria for voting
Only Registries that are members of the ENCR will be eligible to vote in the upcoming ENCR Steering Committee elections.
Those registries that wish to become members of the ENCR, please contact the secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..