Registry Reviews


Consultancies are provided for ENCR members who wish to discuss a particular area of their registries operation (data collection, management, quality control, analysis, etc.) with an expert in the field. The ENCR steering committee may also suggest such a visit to a registry. Suitable consultants are selected in discussion with the registry concerned. After the visit they prepare a written report and recommendations, circulated to both the Steering Committee and the registry.

Requests for a consultancy may be sent to ENCR secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in JRC-Ispra, giving the contact address and a short description of the problem to be resolved.

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Structured Reviews

The fundamental purpose of the Structured Review process is to evaluate a registry's performance, and to identify positive and negative aspects of a registry's procedures and outputs, taking account of available resources.
A Working Group was established by the ENCR Steering Committee to prepare the framework of the review procedure. The Working Group met in March 2000 to produce a background document and a draft questionnaire to be completed in advance by the registry to be reviewed. A pilot review was then carried out of the Regional Cancer Registry of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre North Netherlands (CCCNN) in Groningen.
A summary of the report prepared after the CCCNN review can be downloaded here

Cancer registry ENCR consultacy Team
Date of visit
Cancer Registry in Moldova Dr. Nadya Dimitrova
Dr. Valentin Babaev
4-8 November 2013

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Registries that want to be reviewed should send a request to the ENCR Secretariat. More detail on the procedure will then be provided. The team (two people) will be selected by the Steering Committee/Secretariat and will spend 1½ - 2 days in the registry. A review report will be prepared.
The costs for the structured review - travel and per diem for the review team - would normally be the responsibility of the cancer registry.


Working Group on Structured Reviews of Cancer Registries - Background document:

Regional Cancer Registry of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre North Netherlands (CCCNN) in Groningen - Registry Review: