2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data

The ENCR and the JRC are organising the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data intended for all the European Cancer Registries in order to build a unique anonymised database of cancer data. It is the wish of the ENCR to reduce the number of data calls due to the heavy workload on Cancer Registries responsible for submitting cleaned data to various European studies. It was agreed by the ENCR Steering Committee that there should be a single ENCR-JRC Call for Data, to serve all European projects. The protocol for this call serves the needs of all Cancer Registry data users and seeks to avoid multiple separate calls, foreseen in 2015, for studies such as EUROCARE or CONCORD.

The data file format, which forms part of this protocol, is provided in the submission guidelines for the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data (Version 1.1)

Following a specific request, the Call for Data Protocol was translated into Russian.

Please find a PDF file of the Questionnaire for the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data: Cancer Registries will be able to fill in the questionnaire after the data submission. An email with instructions will be sent to the Cancer Registries submitting their data and the questionnaire will be filled in using the EU Survey tool.

To help further in this regard, the ENCR Secretariat offers cancer registries a data-brokering service. The elements of this service are summarised in the ENCR-JRC data management service document.


Cancer Registries are requested to submit their data files and answer to the questionnaire through the ENCR-JRC Portal. Using the Portal will allow the Cancer Registries to benefit from the following features:
•    High security and speed of data transfer
•    Automated data submission and acknowledgement
•    One submission for several European projects
•    Build-in mechanisms to read, accept and sign agreements for participation in the studies of their choice
•    Record keeping of all transactions performed to allow transparency and accountability
Instructions for each step of the file uploading procedure will be provided on the ENCR-JRC Portal. Specific assistance will be available on request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each European population-based Cancer Registry has received an email on 10 July by the ENCR Chairman with the link to the ENCR-JRC Portal and the corresponding instructions. If your Registry did not receive it, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ENCR-JRC Working Group on Call for Data, Portal and Quality Check Software

A ENCR-JRC Working Group, including the ENCR Steering Committee, representatives from EUROCARE, IARC, CONCORD, and staff of the JRC and DG SANTE, collaborated in the development of the protocol for the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data and provided ideas for the ENCR-JRC Portal. The JRC is also developing a new Quality Check Software based on the report produced by the ENCR-JRC Working Group on Cancer Data Quality Checks. This software is now available for downloading here.